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What You Need to Know About Sleep Insurance

Sleep insurance is not a policy you can take out on your slumber. It’s not an insurance policy sold to insomniacs. Rather, it’s something that lets you sleep at night.

Without it, you’ll lose sleep worrying about it.

Here’s what we mean: While you’re driving to work, count the number of auto repair shops. There’s a lot, aren’t there? There are! After all, we live in a world that relies heavily on our car. Now think about how they stay in business: from cars breaking down. That’s a lot of cars breaking down.

Now think about this: what will you do when your car breaks down? (Yes, you’ll bring it to the garage then what?) Will you be able to afford the repairs when you get the bill? When your car’s in the shop, will you be able to sleep at night or will you lay awake, worrying about the price? That’s what we mean by sleep insurance.

Sleep insurance is a warranty on your car.

Your car is your lifeline. You need it to live. Everyone does! Do you drive to and from work? Do you use your car to go where the party is? Do you drive your kids to school or soccer practice? Whatever you do in your busy life, you rely on your car to get you there. What would happen if you didn’t have a car?

Owning a car can be a challenge! An auto warranty is one way to have peace of mind if you own a car. It allows you to add a guarantee to your vehicle. After all, that vehicle is your lifeline.

The city bus is crowded. Cycling isn’t an option in your business attire. Who walks anywhere? You need your car to live in. Like air and food, our cars help us survive: they get us to work so we can afford a roof over our head and food on the table.

An auto warranty is exactly the thing you need to keep your wheels rolling and your life on track. Without it, you could be faced with the prospect of a broken down vehicle and a difficult spiral to get out of: No car… no work. No work… not enough money to fix your car. No money to fix your car… No car.

That’s no way to live.

You need peace of mind. You need to be able to sleep at night. You need to have the assurance that when you go out to work the next day, your car will start. And if it doesn’t start, you need the peace of mind that the repairs will be affordable and get you “up and running” really soon.

If you don’t have one, how will you afford the next breakdown? How will you sleep when your car is in the shop?

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