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The Beginner’s Guide on How to Become a Vegetarian

Here’s how to eradicate meat from your diet safely and without affecting your dietary requirements.

What you should do to progress into a vegetarian diet:

1. Think about why you want to go vegetarian, some reasons could include moral or ethical reasons, health reasons, environmental reasons, or an amalgamation of any of these.

2. You can investigate the topic – read everything you can on vegetarian nutrition and vegetarianism in general. There is an abundance of information on the internet and in books. If you need to tell parents or a guardian about your choice, make sure you have some concrete research to back you up, as some people are very dead set against the idea of vegetarianism.

3. Obtain some vegetarian cookbooks and find some vegetarian recipes that interest you.

4. Browse around supermarkets, food stores, and health food shops and see the variety of vegetarian food that is available.

5. Start by eradicating red (more fatty) meat. You can eat one last meal with beef, etc. in it and then stick to your promise to not eat red meat anymore.

6. Wait a week and eradicate pork from your diet, again repeating the ‘one last meal.’

7. Wait two to three weeks and eradicate chicken from your diet.

8. After a month to two months, eradicate any fish products (crab, fish, shrimp, lobster.)

9. Be sure to replace plenty of cheese (rennet-less obviously), dairy, legumes, nuts, and soy into your diet to make sure you get sufficient protein. Experiment with tofu, hummus, and different kinds of cheeses (with or without rennet, depending on how committed you are to no meat). Also, many familiar foods such as peanut butter are crowded full of protein.

10. Modify your cooking habits slowly from meat-filled dishes to vegetarian ones.

11. Locate good meat substitutes. Some are not very realistic tasting so are better for the long time veggies who have forgotten the exact way meat tastes. Others tend to be much more realistic tasting, which is good for newer veggies.

Finding and starting on vegetarian recipes can be a fun and exciting experience, so get out there and check all the bookstores and get online and start compiling some wonderful vegetarian recipes, you’ll be amazed at how yummy they can be.

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