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Letting Go Makes It Easier

Letting go of your preconceived notions, self-limiting beliefs, and over-analyzing nature can lead to great freedom in your life both spiritually and otherwise. The act of letting go is far easier than most people believe it to be. This is in part due to the fact that most people tend to think rather than act upon this concept. Being intellectually aware and knowledgeable about letting go is not the same as actually doing said task. This was something I myself even after 16+ years of meditation have not always had the easiest time accomplishing. However, recently, this changed for the better.

To truly let go you must first understand what that is. In doing so one completely empties their mind of all the mundane chatter, creating a total stillness within no matter what the situation or circumstances one finds themselves in or subjected to externally. From this stillness, one is able to simply observe what is going on both around them and within from the mind without actually grabbing hold of those thoughts and becoming inundated and bogged down by it.

It is within this silence that one truly let’s go. This is again far easier to do once one gets it. Most people tend to think they have to try and focus hard to accomplish this task, but in doing so generally, create additional thought out of said focusing. This is ineffective at best, as it simply replaces the chatter, stress, daily goings-on thoughts in one’s head with other thoughts centered around letting go vs. simply doing just that.

A good exercise to do while trying to let go, especially if it is a stressful situation one is trying to deal with, is to smile. The smile can be real or a fake one, it matters not. There is a physiological connection between the body and one’s emotions. When you smile it is nearly impossible to feel a negative emotion. The next time you are trying to let go, sit in inner silence with a smile on your face. You never know what type of results you may gain from this very simple exercise. Enjoy the experience for what it is worth, and again try not to get bogged down by your own thoughts, simply let them slip through your grasp and move your attention from them as soon as they do.

Next thing you know you too will be letting go of all the negative things in your life and truly enjoy it all for what it is worth.

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