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Helpful Bowling Tips for First-Timers: A Quick Guide

Have you ever tried the sport of bowling? If you have not tried playing it then think again. This sport is fun and does not require a lot of sweating just to win the game. Consider participating with friends for a start. You can never be too old or too late to experience the fun with which the game can give you. Yes, bowling is the sport of individual accomplishment and competitiveness, used by some for recreation, socializing, exercise, and a method of stress relief. Bowling used to be associated with gambling.

If you are just starting to learn about this sport, here are some helpful bowling tips you can study to improve your way of playing. It is important that we have the know-how about the sport. Proficiency and continuous playing can make you excel in bowling. You also have to remember that in every sport losing is inevitable, so prepare yourself for this circumstance. These bowling tips will only become useful if you continuously apply these tips in every game you participate in.

First of all, you should choose the right weight of the bowling ball for you. The weight should be 1/10 of your total weight. For example, if you weigh 110 pounds, your bowling ball should weigh 11 pounds.

The second is the proper fitting of the ball. The thumb of your throwing thumb should fit perfectly into the hole and can rotate with only a slight friction, and lay your middle two fingers over the other holes. Your second joint should be a quarter of an inch near the edge of the holes. Since proper grip is essential, make it a point to check your grip to get used to the feeling of the bowling ball in your grip. The third tip is to use wrist support. If you are just a first-timer, you will find the ball heavy. Wrist support can be very helpful if you do not have the strength to hold the ball in the proper position through the swing. The fourth tip is to look at your approach. These 3 approaches are the five-step approach, the three-step approach, and the one or two approaches. The fifth tip: do not over swing the ball. Just let the ball swing naturally and let roll. Sixth tip: arch the ball above the waist. To make sure you maintain relaxed ball placement, you should hold the ball a little above the waistline while placing it into the slight upward sweep. Seventh tip: use back or knee support. Eighth tip: use open hand/ spread forefinger and/or pinkie finger. By adopting this compromise you will strengthen your grip and release. Ninth tip: exercise. A few stretching can loosen the joints, muscles, and the stretching of tendons and ligaments. Tenth tip: targeting. Looking closer could help with making the ball react sooner just like looking farther down the lane can aid in controlling the hook on the back end of the lane. The last tip of the bowling tips: lane adjustments: adjusting to lane conditions is important to all bowlers. If your ball hooks left, then move to the left. If it hooks to the right, then move to your right.

I hope that these bowling tips can be of help to you in arousing your interest in playing the sport of bowling. Always remember that practice makes perfect. You may memorize these bowling tips word for word but not putting them into practice, you will never learn.

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