Great Advantages of Fitness in the Area of Chronic Pain

We do not even consider the benefits of fitness for those who suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is painful, a symptom of some disease or injury that will linger forever. If you suffer from fibromyalgia, pain in the legs can be as debilitating as any major joint ailment, and possibly even more so. This article examines the advantages of fitness in this area.

For the most part, fibromyalgia and chronic pain have a lot in common. They both involve malfunctioning of the body’s central nervous system. The main difference lies in the way the two types of pain are experienced. Fibromyalgia involves pain at different locations on the body, depending on where it originates. Pain in the lower back or leg, for example, results from abnormalities in a person’s central nervous system.

To understand why there may be differences between the two, it is helpful to think about how our bodies move and fibers interconnect with each other. Fibers are bundles of protein molecules (myosin) that connect nerve cells to each other.

There are many different types of these fibers. One of the most important is myosin, which carries messages between cells to activate them to move when we are moved. Some fibers are known as “somatic” fibers because they are not used for any motor functions, while others are known as “excitatory” fibers because they cause the release of chemicals such as neurotransmitters that help initiate the movement of muscles.

When fibers are damaged, our ability to move often decreases. Muscle weakness and tiring occur as a result. And if pain is involved, as it is in fibromyalgia, it can be very difficult to control our movements.

If we understand what causes the exact function of the nerves in our body, we will better understand why fibromyalgia is so difficult to live with. Stress can have a big impact on muscle fiber movement. It has been shown that stress reduces myosin release and activity within fibroblasts, as well as reducing the amount of serotonin in the brain.

In addition, stress can cause a release of hormones that are associated with inflammation. The resulting, generalized inflammation can lead to an imbalanced nervous system that causes pain in various parts of the body. Also, as mentioned above, chronic pain can be caused by abnormal nerve transmission.

Fitness is very important for those who suffer from fibromyalgia. The physical activity and stimulation required to maintain a healthy life can be difficult in a busy life. In addition, chronic pain can prevent exercise from being a beneficial way to eliminate pain.

Many fibromyalgia patients find that fitness has made their pain much easier to manage. Yoga is a popular form of exercise for the pain sufferer. In addition, yoga can be a great tool for meditation.

The objective of progressive muscle strengthening exercises is to strengthen muscles and improve the flexibility of joints. The controlled stretching of muscles that occurs during these exercises helps to improve blood circulation to the affected areas. These exercises are a wonderful way to get started on a program that can be continued for years.

Fitness is not just a quick fix for fibromyalgia, but rather a means of improving a patient’s life, including relieving chronic pain. Because of the large number of individuals who suffer from this pain, fitness for fibromyalgia is becoming more widely recognized. It is possible to live with fibromyalgia while maintaining your health and feeling well.

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